Clubhouse is the talk of the town lately. It was Elon Musk who brought this service to everyone’s attention. He created a room on the Clubhouse app and reached 5,000 concurrent listeners. Quickly after that, hustlers and hucksters got into action and hosted pre-show discussions and recaps. The rest is history!

Curious to know what Clubhouse is all about and why is it so exclusive? Follow along!

What is the Clubhouse?

Imagine having an app that lets you listen to live conversations, not in a creepy way, though. These people want to be heard. These people could be famous or knowledgeable. You are given an opportunity to join the chat. Think of Clubhouse as an audio-chat social network. This quality makes it very different from other social media networks where images and videos rule. On Clubhouse, there are no pictures or videos, only user profile pictures. And you can have conversations about anything, even your favorite Spectrum packages!

How to Get the Clubhouse App?

For now, the Clubhouse app is available on iOS only. Listening to others’ conversations and participating is not that simple. Since it’s an invitation-only app, you need an invitation from an existing user or Clubhouse member to get in.

Every new Clubhouse user gets 2 invites. Eventually, they earn more invites as they continue to use the app. Don’t know anyone in your network who could send you a Clubhouse invite? Not a problem. You can buy an invite on eBay or try your luck with the pay-if-forward invites. But do watch out for scams.

Why Isn’t The App Available on Android?

Rumors are out that an Android version of the Clubhouse app is in the works. It appears that starting this app on iOS was a publicity stunt including having Musk in a room. It worked because the app managed to bag 3 million users in a very short time!

How Do You Sign up on Clubhouse?

The right question would be how much data does this app want for registration. All it asks for is your phone number and name. You can also set a username for yourself before getting an invite.

The person inviting another user simply needs their phone number. You will receive a text and a link telling you to join.

Those who don’t want to set up a profile from scratch can link their Twitter account to Clubhouse. You can also link your contacts to make it easier to find people to follow. If your list doesn’t include influencers, don’t bother.

When Was It Launched?

This app has been around for a year now. It was launched in March 2020 and soon got fame because of the invite-only exclusivity. In the early days, venture capitalists were the only ones using Clubhouse.

Now, it is open to many others even though it has invite-only access. Celebrities like Oprah, Chris Rock, Drake, and Ashton Kutcher are on Clubhouse. This app has become a status symbol among the elites of Silicon Valley as well.

Rohan Seth and Paul Davison are the brains behind the launch of this app. By May 2020, this app was valued at $100 million despite having just 1,500 users.

What’s on Clubhouse?

When you finally get an invitation to become a member, there is a complete assortment of conversational topics to follow from sports, tech, finance, to marketing and so on. In each topic, you will find people interested in the same thing. Go ahead and follow them if you want. As you continue to follow topics and people, you will get suggestions for more interesting rooms.

Rooms are created by people and the room conversations disappear as they end. Clubhouse says it records conversations but retains them only if a user files a complaint while the room is live. If no incident is reported, the recordings are discarded the moment the conversation is over.

There can be 5,000 people per room. You may record the conversations using third-party software or any other solution.

Are Clubhouse Conversations Similar to a Podcast?

This question must have popped up in your head. These conversations are different from a podcast because all people involved are allowed to speak. It is kind of like being on a phone call with someone. There are no sound effects, professional editing, or advertising of any sort.

It could be a casual room between friends or a formal talk show-type discussion. And if someone interesting joins the room like Elon Musk, you can always put them on the stage.