Twitter Allows Android & iOS Users To Share 4K Images

On the Twitter web app, 4K image support was already available. Users of the micro-blogging site Twitter can now upload and display 4K images on the Twitter app on Android and iOS.

The resolution of the images was previously limited to 2,048 x 2,048 pixels, but Twitter mobile app users now have access to 4K images.

With the addition of support for 4K images on smartphones, Twitter users can now upload 4K images from anywhere using the app. Users would, however, need to change their preferences in order to accommodate 4K images.

If you’re wondering how to enable 4K images on Twitter, follow these simple instructions:

Open the Twitter app on your smartphone and select the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option. Once you select the settings option, tap on the ‘data usage’ option under the ‘General’ category. Now, you’ll be able to see the images category with the ‘High-quality Image Uploads’ option.Moreover, here, you’ll now be able to update the image preferences settings for Twitter. You can choose how you want to view and upload 4K images on Twitter – mobile data & Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi only, or Never.