TikTok Mulcted €750,000 For Desecrate Children’s Secrecy

A wide spread famous Chinese video-sharing app TikTok was charged a mulct of €750,000 by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) for “Desecrate Children’s Secrecy” in Netherlands.

As per the concern, TikTok ruptured children’s privacy without providing any privacy agreement in Dutch when side loading the app.

The Chinese company was admonished for the violation of strategy in the middle of May 2018 and July 2020 in which the privacy agreement accessible for using the app to Dutch users. The children who knows only English was not able to understand this policy.

“The information provided by TikTok to Dutch users – many of whom are young children – when installing and using the app was in English and thus not readily understandable,” the DPA said in an official press release.

Without providing their privacy agreement in Dutch the app break down to give an appropriate clarification for how the app collects, processes, and uses personal data.

This is an violation of privacy ratification, which gleaned from the postulate that people should have a clear cut about what can be done using their personal datas.

In a statement, TikTok said that its Privacy Policy and a “shorter and more accessible version for our younger users, available in Dutch since July 2020, has been accepted by the Dutch Data Protection Authority as the solution to this issue.”

At this moment in time, TikTok has provide a control to parents so they can control their child’s account from their own account or ‘Family Pairing’ feature.