Things To Consider Before Buying A Used/Second-Hand Android Phone?

Many smartphone-savvy customers can argue that the thrill of buying a used Android Phone pales in comparison to the thrill of unwrapping a brand new phone with the latest technology and features and that looks unbelievably irresistible with its scratch-free and gleaming body neatly encased in a stylish package!

Used smartphones will provide you with a good value for your money. If you plan on purchasing a used smartphone from a reputable source, there is no reason to believe that the handset would be free of defects. However, it’s always a good idea to be cautious and inspect your phone before purchasing it. Here are several pointers on how to inspect a used smartphone before purchasing it.

First and foremost. You must inspect the monitor and, more importantly, the camera lens for scratches (Both front and rear). Small scratches on the camera lens can degrade picture quality significantly, particularly in low-light situations. Examine the side frame for large dents and bumps that may indicate deadly drops and possible internal damage if the camera lens is clean and the monitor is in good condition.If all looks fine so far, remove the back if it’s possible. Examine the battery and other parts. Check to see if the battery is original; this can make a big difference when it comes to price negotiations.It’s now time to insert the SIM and microSD cards and power up the unit. Make a call, send an email, and link to the internet to see how it works. Check to see if your computer recognizes the microSD card and allows you to access your files.Check out all of the ports while you’re at it. If the gadget has a headphone jack, plug in your headphones and test the audio with a song or a YouTube video. Check to see if the handset charges by plugging it into a power source.Check for input from hardware keys, as well as shaking them to see whether they are wobbly or not. Play a song to see if the loudspeaker is working.After the phone’s internals have been checked, see if the software is in good working order. This means you can check to see if the phone has been rooted or jailbroken. If it is, you might presume that the previous owner messed around with the unit a lot, which might lead to problems down the road. On Android, you can search by downloading a rooted system check tool from the Play Store. On iOS, you can check if the phone has been jailbroken by going to the App Store, as jailbroken iPhones are unable to access the App Store.Now that you’ve thoroughly checked the handset, there’s only one more thing to do: check to see if it’s been stolen. Request the original invoice and box from the seller. If he is unable to supply you with some, there is a strong possibility that the computer is stolen. If you still want the phone, you can have him sign a document claiming that he sold it to you, along with his attested identification proof.