The New Bug Bounty Program Launched By Google

Google disclosed their new Bug Bounty Program to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their Vulnerability Rewards Programme. On 2010 January VRP was organized to recompense the benefaction of vulnerability investigators who imbue their attempt to detect and record bugs to Google. This makes the Internet unassailable.

Almost 11,055 bugs have reported in these past 10 years in the various organizations of the company and they all are fixed by Vulnerability Rewards Programme (VRP).

In accordance with the celebration Google has renamed its VRP program  as “Bug Hunters”.

This new Bug Bounty Program yields all the VRPs of Google, Android, Abuse Chrome, etc serried and offers a unique profit which helps bug hunters indisputably to report the problems.

“When we launched our very first VRP, we had no idea how many valid vulnerabilities – if any – would be submitted on the first day. Everyone on the team put in their estimate, with predictions ranging from zero to 20. In the end, we actually received more than 25 reports, taking all of us by surprise,” Jan Keller, Technical Program Manager, Google VRP announced in a blog post.

Bug hunters also provides much more possibilities for affiliation and feuding in the form of leading panels of peculiar countries for specific bugs.

The company says that even submitting patches to open-source software is eligible for a reward, just as rewards for research papers on the security of open source.

Bug Hunters can enhance their bug hunting dexterity and reports through the matter obtainable from Google’s new Bug Hunter University.