The Last Strawberry Moon Of The Year 2021 Appearing On June 24

On Thursday, 24 June the sky is going to spectate the Strawberry moon. “The moon gets its name from the Algonquin tribes who used to harvest strawberries around this time of the year.” This is the last supermoon of the year and also the first full moon after the summertide.

The super moon is also designated as  the egg-laying moon, honeymoon, birth moon, mead moon, hatching moon, blooming moon or green corn moon.

When the moon appears adjacent to the earth in its orbit , it is called a supermoon , such moon seems to be immense and intense than the normal full moon. As per NASA the colour of the supermoon which appears after the mid summer may be reddish in colour.

“According to a report in Newsweek, the founder of Virtual Telescope Project Gianluca Masi has said that they will be showing a live stream of the strawberry moon on Thursday, 24 June at 3:00 pm EDT or Friday, 25 June at 12:30 am IST. Since people in India will not be able to watch this phenomenon in real-time.“

In spite of the fact that the supermoon emerging on  24 June will be the hindmost of this year. In addition to this  there will be  numerous prodigy  to look out for the year 2021. The upcoming full moon will be on 24 July and is named as Buck Moon. The last full moon of the season known as Sturgeon Moon will be in the night sky on 22 August. On 22 September just before the equinoctial point  which means ,when the day and night will be of same length, the Harvest Moon is obvious on 20 September.