Running Android Apps On Linux Devices Using WayDroid

Recently Linux smartphones are available on the market but are not much admired compared to Android and iOS. The thing to take in to serious is Android app support in Linux Smartphones.

The innovators must need the support of Anbox in order to run Android apps on Linux. As per the statement of Tux Phones, the kernels which is used by WayDroid is exactly same as that of used by Anbox.

WayDroid supports devices running Droidian or Ubuntu Touch and works on PinePhone and now, the OnePlus 6.

WayDroid is an reassembled version of Anbox. WayDroid provides the graphical buffer in LXC with uninterrupted Wayland hold up which achieves smoother than the actual Anbox.

It is very simple and homogeneous to run Linux in a VM on Windows. Now it is very exhilarating to watch Android apps running on Linux devices. This amazing changes will be an advantage for Linux powered mobiles.

The main catch right now is that there’s no emulation layer in WayDroid, so x86 devices (like most PCs) can only run x86 binaries, and ARM64 devices (most phones and tablets) can only run ARM64 binaries. This is similar to how the Wine compatibility layer works — even though Wine is available for Android, it can’t run most Windows software on most Android devices, since phones are typically ARM and most Windows software is x86-only. The developer is hoping to implement emulation in the future by using components from the Android subsystem for Windows 11.