Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego

Last month we took our first trip since lockdown. I would be lying if I said I didn’t go back and forth on whether it was safe for us to travel with Covid-19 and the global pandemic. But in the end, after countless rounds of failed infertility treatment our entire family NEEDED this. And we needed this dearly. My goal was to find a hotel that had great outdoor spaces so that we could hang with Otis and let him run around. Basically a change of scenery for all of us. I also wanted something a short drive away so we found the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego.

We spent 2 nights during the week since I know weekends can be more crowded. We purposely planned to go mid week to avoid any crowds. I am telling you, we barely saw anyone during the week except for at dinner. I felt safe to be there. They had hand sanitizer set up EVERYWHERE and the majority of the hotel is outdoors so we didn’t need to spend any time inside except for our room. The other hotel patrons were also super respectful of staying social distanced from us which I was very appreciative of. And OF COURSE everyone was wearing a mask.

It was our first eating out experience since February so I was nervous about how that would be. But I have to say I am so impressed with how they truly spaced the tables out there, wait staff wore masks and gloves and everything was outside. It was a good experience all around. Eating out with a toddler though is a different story! HA. Otis was pretty easy going at lunch but I forgot how much work it is to go out to eat with a little one. Keeping them occupied and busy and happy BEFORE the food comes and then keeping them happy while you actually eat your own food.

The room itself was great and they even cleaned the carpets before we got into our room. We had a great little outdoor patio too. I love to request rooms that have patio access rather than a balcony with a child. The reason I request this is because we put Otis’ travel crib in our bathroom so we can set it up dark, with his nightlight and sound machine and recreate his room set up. We also bring a travel sound machine to put on the door of the bathroom to drown out any noise in our section of the room. I am telling you this is a game changer. For our nanit baby monitor, if the wifi is open we can connect it easily to the hotel wifi. If it’s not, we create a hotspot with one of our cell phones to connect the camera to wifi. Then when your kid is sleeping, you can still leave through your patio and hit the hotel lobby to use the restroom if you have to. Below are all the things we use for our hotel sleep setup for Otis:

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Another night thing about going somewhere during the week is that the pool was EMPTY. We got to go to the pool 2 times. Otis has not been in a pool in a VERY long time so it was a really cool experience to get him in with no one around. We also didn’t need to make reservations for the pool during the week which was nice because toddlers don’t do reservations. HA!

They have a little cafe that you could grab coffee and a pastry at as well so we did that most mornings. The best part about the property for Otis was the water fountains. HE IS OBSESSED with them. They had water fountains EVERYWHERE so it was basically a toddler dream of him running form one fountain to the other and us chasing him. Man I love seeing Otis happy!!! Overall we had a GREAT time and I am so happy that we were able to sneak away during the week. We are headed to another local staycation next week and I can’t wait to share our experience!

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