OnePlus Buds Pro vs AirPods Pro: Specifications 2021

OnePlus and Apple both provides Pro wireless earbuds, here is a close look to choose which is best??

OnePlus and Apple both sell high quality earbuds with the OnePlus Buds Pro and AirPods sequentially. Today the availability of earbuds are numerous so it is tough to find out a best pair of earbuds which meets all the needs.

The pattern of OnePlus Buds Pro and AirPods Pro are almost similar. The shape of the ear buds is nearly same to each other, both are oval shaped with personalized ear tips. AirPods Pro comes with white color whereas OnePlus Buds Pro both in white and matte black. The case of the charger is little bit differs. Airpods charging case perch vertically in the case however OnePlus Buds Pro set down horizontal. Two of the earbuds can be charged by Qi wireless chargers. We can connect the charger through wire but there will be some differences when using wired connection that is a Lightining port is used for Airpods and USB – C port is used for OnePlus Buds Pro.

Both ear buds are homogenous in a big manner, has a unique feature of noise cancelling. OnePlus utters the Buds Pro can impede 40dB of sound. AirPods Pro “continuously adapt to the geometry of your ear” and have been puffed  as one of the best sound proof performance available for sale.

Both earbuds have transparency mode, OnePlus Buds Pro has 3 microphones where Airpods Pro have 4 numbers. The battery life of OnePlus Buds Pro with ANC is upto 5 to 7 Hrs and Airpods is 4.5 to 5 Hrs. Without ANC OnePlus Buds Pro has 38 Hrs and other is with 24+ Hrs. Discussing about charging speed OnePlus Buds Pro comes with 10Hrs playback in 10 mins whereas Airpods is 1Hr playback in 5 mins. Both weighs 56g.

The main thing to disclose is its price, Oneplus Buds Pro ranges approx 11,000 INR and Airpods Pro ranges approx 19,000 INR.

Overall, OnePlus’s newest venture in the TWS sector looks like a wake-up call for Apple, which has been very patient in releasing a revamped version (rumored for 2022) of the original Airpods Pro (released in 2019). It will be interesting to see how OnePlus Buds Pro fares against its Apple counterpart when the former releases later this year.