On April 30, Google’s Q&A Feature Will Be Deactivated

Google’s Q&A feature in Search will be decommissioned on April 30th, according to a Google support page update. In other words, when searching on Google, users would no longer be able to see the Q&A site.

Aside from that, the company has announced that on June 30th, all question-answer user contributions will be deleted from all users’ “your contributions” pages.

The functionality was first made available to Google users a few years ago. When you type a question into the Google search bar, the results are usually either directly related to the question or with a few more “related questions” and responses below it. Google also seems to have made it possible for publishers to respond to user-posted questions.

According to reports, Google created the feature specifically for Indian users. However, this is not mentioned as an India-specific feature on the company’s website.

How to download all your questions and answers?

Even though they will be deleted from the Search query page on April 30, Google will allow all of its users to download all of the questions and answers they have asked until June 30.

Users would need to use the Google Takeout service to do so, which they can find by clicking here. Users must first sign in to their account and then pick the “Search contributions” choice after arriving at the service.

This will keep track of all of their contributions, including the questions and answers. The user will be notified via e-mail once the record has been created, and will be given a link to download it.