Microsoft’s Next-Generation Windows On June 24

“Microsoft plans to showcase the “next generation of Windows” at an event later this month. The software giant has started sending media invitations to a Windows event on June 24. Both Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and chief product officer Panos Panay will present at the Windows event. Microsoft’s Windows event kicks off June 24 at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT.”

For the new Windows developer  they  assured  that  the new Windows will organize more openings and also embrace every instigator who is searching for new open platform to create, disseminate  the applications. We all know that Windows is the most presiding OS in Computers.  As per this new era it needs some overhaul.

The  features of new Windows will also bring out the changes in visual intensifications. There will be some changes in Windows logo.

Microsoft is looking forward to elucidate some vital changes to Windows. There will be some noteworthy changes such as a new start menu, Taskbar layout, icons, sounds, app designs, and fluid animations to the Windows user interface codenamed “Sun Valley.”

Some of the visual changes for the new Windows provides  new system icons, improvements to the file explorer, and the end of Windows 95-era icons.

Microsoft is also contemplating to upgrade the basics of Windows, with fixes to an issue with rearranging apps on multiple monitors, the addition of the Xbox Auto HDR feature, and improvements to Bluetooth audio support.

“Nadella has also promised to unlock a better economy for developers and creators within Windows itself, so we’ll probably take a closer look at the store changes coming to Windows. Microsoft has been working on a new app store for Windows for the past few months, and it is rumored that Microsoft is opening its store to all apps and competing payment platforms.”