Microsoft Windows 11 Oozed At The Fore Of Launch

At a robotic digital occasion, Microsoft is organised to divulge its next generation of Windows on June 24. The event was entitled by “What’s Next for Windows”.

Yet, a few days before its launching, some of the screenshots of its forthcoming operating system were reported on China’s Tieba Baidu site.

Moreover, an ISO file of windows 11 is publishing on the web.

The circulated disc image of Windows 11 was genuine and is confirmed by Tom Warren who downloaded the copy of it.

“According to Tom, the upcoming OS has a new user interface, a new Start button menu, rounded corners, new animations, colorful icons, and much more.”

There will be a new Windows logo, Windows 11 boot animation, and a start-up sound. The user interface of Windows 11 perceptibly fascinating. The constellation and design remembers the revoked  windows 10X  with a lightweight OS depicted for dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo.

In windows 11 the Taskbar is centered which is powered with  new Start button and menu, default icons, and search bar. It also has a dedicated button in the taskbar to add widgets. There is a customized button in the taskbar in order to add widgets. The new Start button menu embrace with pinned apps, recent apps and files, and quick shut down/ restart button.

Microsoft Windows 11 no more has a Search bar but rather, it has a single search icon in the center out of other app icons. Further it has a new illuminated mode default wallpaper.  

The new OS have inbuilt themes, an intensified dark mode, along with rounded corners in context menus, apps, and File Explorer. It also features a new slide-out “Widgets” group to provide speedy access to news, weather, stock prices, time, calendar, and other content from the Internet.

“Although the leaked screenshots and ISO image gives an insight into Windows 11, it is important to note that this is a very early build. With still over a week before Microsoft’s June 24th Windows event is unveiled, we can expect many more leaks appearing on online forums.”