Microsoft Paint & Snipping Tool Will Be Updated Via The Microsoft Store

Microsoft has launched a new Windows 10 preview that includes a personalization function for the News and Interests taskbar widget, as well as enhancements to the classic Paint app and Snipping Tool.

MS Paint, as well as Snipping Tool, will now be available on the Microsoft Store. Both of these applications were previously unavailable, but they can now be modified via the Microsoft Store. Personalization options for news and preferences on the taskbar, updates to monitor settings, new camera settings, and many other minor UI improvements and fixes will all be part of the Windows 10 Insider preview.

Expect the latest enhancements and updates to be released to the standard version of Windows shortly, as they are already part of the developer build.

The Snipping Tool was expected to be retired and replaced by Snip & Sketch, but now that it’s available on the Microsoft Store, the two can be serviced more efficiently together.

In the case of MS Paint, Microsoft revealed in 2017 that it will be “deprecating” MS Paint in its Windows 10 Fall Creators update in favor of Paint 3D, a redesigned version of MS Paint that integrates 3D Builder software functionality as well as 2D image editing. This meant that MS Paint would no longer be developed and would be excluded from future Windows 10 updates.

Windows Accessories, Windows Administrative Tools, Windows PowerShell, and Windows System directories have all been removed in Windows 10 Build 21354. The apps in these directories can now be accessed via the Windows Tools entry point, which takes you to File Explorer’s full app list.

All of these apps will still show up in searches, can be launched in any way, be pinned to the Start or taskbar, and any customized shortcuts in folder paths will be preserved. File Explorer has also been given its own entry in the Start menu.