Instagram Introduced “Text Translation” Feature For Stories

Instagram disclosed a new feature called “Text Translation” for stories. This new update will automatically translates the texts in stories. So far the posts, captions, and bios on the app have this translation feature. This feature makes simple for users to share their stories with people who are semantic. As well the updates of photos and videos sharing areas will instinctively translate the text in stories.

When a foreign language is descry in the post a “See Translation” option will appear upon the left side of the screen in the updated Instagram app. By clicking the option users can view the translated version of the story.

Instagram says, “When you’re watching a story with text, you’ll get a ‘See Translation’ notice if your set language is different than the one in the story. Just tap it and a translation will pop up”.

The audio translation is not accessible in the upgraded version of the app. It is reachable to the whole World and right now it is supporting 90 languages .

At present there is intuitively language based translation is available for all the captions, comments on post in the feeds and the users info. These translations are depends on the language set up by the viewers and after it is translated as per the viewers desired language they can tap on “View Translation” under the text to view the translation.

Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature to Instagram which permits users to curb the frequency of a empathetic content in which they need to spot in their Instagram Explore Tab. This makes advantages for the users who don’t want to see the empathetic content even it “could potentially be upsetting to some people”.

The empathetic content may include “posts that may be sexually suggestive or violent” or promote things like tobacco. Users can turn this feature on by going to the Profile, Settings menu > Account> Sensitive Content Control.