How to Promote your Brand Online

Building the company brand is a vital part of growth and a guaranteed means of making more people aware of your products or services. There are a number of ways to do this and many novel ideas that will be sold to you. Keep it simple and use what you probably already have to build a strong brand online.


Emails are one of the best ways to build your brand. This type of communication is now a constant part of modern business and, as such, is a great way to promote your brand. Ensure uniformity of email fonts and include the company logo. A professional way to keep it tidy is to use Office 365 signature management software. This will serve to ensure all company signatures look the same and include elements of the company brand. Every time someone opens an email from your company, it should speak the brand and leave no question as to what the company is and what it is you do.


A good blog will serve as an ongoing, up-to-date hub for advice, suggestions, and reviews for your product, service, or sector. It will also drive traffic to your e-commerce site or increase the brand awareness of the business. Choose the name well, ensure the design is professional and aligned to the company, and then provide well-thought-through advice and support. If your blog is to serve its purpose and create awareness for your company online, you need to keep it focused. Everything on the blog should be specific to the brand and company ethos. Allow the blog to say exactly what you want the company to be known for and make sure it can be found with essential SEO and that it fits its niche.

Social media

The number one piece of advice for engaging with and using social media platforms is that your company doesn’t need to be on them all. There are too many options out there to be on all the social media platforms. Choose the relevant platforms for your product or service and then develop these. Be specific as to what you want to achieve. If you are building the brand to increase sales and product awareness, then 50 people finding out about you and buying the product and ordering your services is arguably better than 1000 people visiting your site to read a gimmicky article, through tenuous links and leaving without a clue as to what the company does. Keep it focused and targeted; in this way, you will reach those that you need to with the information and product advice that they need.

It is important to keep consistency across all of these platforms. Yes, each one may reach a different audience, but the consistency of the message, the colors, the style, the design, and the company story must be the same.

Brand building has become a normal part of everyday life; it’s more understandable and tactile as most people interact online and have some form of individual presence, where their brand is important and can be monetized. Ensure that in an age of brand saturation, your brand is able to stand out and be found.