Google Meet To Get Refreshed UI For Web In May

Google is reportedly planning to add the ability to replace the background with a video, which sounds interesting. The latest Google Meets function will be available in the coming weeks.

Users will also be able to customize and pin tiles to suit the needs of the meeting. Users may also resize, reposition, or mask their feed entirely on Google Meet. Google also announced that a Data Saver mode would be added and Meet to make it more network data accessible.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, Google announced the changes to Google Meet in a blog post. Google has introduced personalized video call backgrounds in an attempt to compete with Zoom. Users may select from a variety of images and videos, but it is unclear whether or not they will be able to add and use their own content for this purpose.

By adding a Data Saver mode for Meet, Google is also enhancing its network data use. In countries including India, Brazil, and Indonesia, this feature would help restrict data use on calls and save money on data costs.

In addition, Google Meet for Web can now analyze a user’s history during video calls. When a user is in a dark room, it can detect this and automatically raise the brightness to boost the user’s visibility during the call.

“Video background replacement can help you maintain privacy for what’s behind you while also making your video calls more fun. There will initially be three options to choose from: a classroom, a party and a forest, with more on the way soon,” the company said.

Improvements to the bottom bar of meetings, which consolidate all controls in one place, are one of the most beneficial adjustments. Chat, attachments, and the participants list are all moved to the bottom of the screen, giving you more room to see people and whatever is being presented during a call.

Google is also relocating the end call button away from the camera and microphone keys so that you don’t inadvertently mute instead of ending a call.