Google Chrome : Smartphone Users Beware Of Fake Application

For the time of this pandemic , hackers all over the world  are grueling to hack the servers and also peoples data , by using different modern technology. Among that a new method is a fake Google Chrome App.

By updating this app in our devices, the spammers get the total reign of your devices from that they can control your bank account.

Of course, Google chrome is a leading web browser software with lots of users  around the globe.  It is vital to keep updated to the latest version of technology by upgrading the apps and software. So while we updating some fake apps the devices got hacked.

 A new Android malware has been found to impersonate the Google Chrome app and has infected hundreds of thousands of devices already, according to the researchers at cybersecurity firm Pradeo. The researchers have qualified the threat as a “Smishing Trojan”.

As per the study, the researchers divulged that this app is incorporated with a  mobile attack strategy inorder to snatch your credit card details by fixing this fake chrome app in to your device and adding your device to this mobile attack strategy.

Once we installed this fake chrome app into your mobile, the client will get a SMS by asking them to pay cash to issue a package.  By opening the link the app gets updated, and this so called Trojan which caricature as google chrome app. After these they asked a small payment which should be pay through credit cards. When you do so your credit card details be hacked by the spammers from the other end and they can use this for banking fraud .

This doesn’t comes to an end , as immediately the app got installed it may malfunction the mobile phone by sending thousands of SMS within 2 to 3 hours and this leads to a chain process which we called mobile attack strategy.

The researchers have suggested cell customers to by no means present their bank card particulars when an unknown sender asks for it. Additionally, they’ve requested cellphone customers to obtain and replace all their apps from official Google Play Retailer and Apple App Retailer solely.