Covid 19 : 3 Types Of Ventilators Developed By ISRO

Three types of ventilators has erupted by Indian Space Research Organisation to convey the technology for clinical uses where the country conflicts with the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

The ventilators are based on automatic condensing of  an AMBU (Artificial Manual Breathing unit) bag. This ventilator is very reasonable and can be transferable too. This low cost ventilator is called  ‘PRANA’ (“Programmable Respiratory Assistance for the Needy Aid’).

The ventilator is manufactured with a trailblazing control system that includes airway pressure sensor, flow sensor, oxygen sensor, servo actuator as well as exhalation and PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure) control valves.

There is a screen panel which is for the technicians to set the ventilation mode and fix the required parameters and they can observe various parameters like pressure, flow, tidal volume and oxygen concentration on the same screen. A craved rate which is assigned by the clinicians on the ventilator will  deliver the required flow of oxygen-air mixture to the patient’s lungs.

An external battery for backup is affixed with the ventilator in order to overcome the power failure issues.

“ISRO said PRANA supports both invasive and non- invasive ventilation modes and is capable of giving mandatory breaths (controlled by ventilator) as well as spontaneous breaths (controlled by the patient).  A robust algorithm for controlled and safe ventilation of the patient is implemented which raises alarm and opens safety valves to prevent barotrauma, asphyxia and apnoea during the ventilation.”

In case if there will be any illegitimate disconnection of the hose or sensors an alarm which is fixed with ventilator will alert the situation.

“The prototype of the three ventilators developed at Thiruvananthapuram-based Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), a major space research centre of ISRO, has undergone in-house test & evaluation and meets various specifications. ISRO said it intends to transfer the technology of these three ventilators toPSUs/ industries/ start-ups having good track record in manufacture of critical medical/ electronic equipment manufacturing.”

ISRO summons the entrepreneurs to accede their interest on or before June 15.