Chia Cryptocurrency Mining : SSD Manufacturers Reduce Warranty

This crypto currency can be mined, or extracted using leftover storage space in SSDs and HDDs. During this task it consume only less energy.

“Now, Galax, a computer hardware manufacturer has come forward and told its consumers that using Galax SSDs to mine Chia cryptocurrency will void the SSD’s warranty. Chia is a new cryptocurrency created by Bit Torrent protocol developer Bram Cohen. It demands more storage over processing for its mining.”

Due to Chia mining there has been a enormous orders for storage devices like HDDs and SSDs for mining the crypto currency which leads to increase the price of high-performance HDD drives and the end of SSD drives.

Now the PC manufacturers are taking initiatives to reign the destruction of Chia mining which can cause damages to disc.

A North American manufacturer of SSDs, named  PNY has diminished the write tolerance which is indicated by Terabytes Written (TBW) on its XLR8 CS3030 line-up of SSDs by up to 79% to divert miners from snap up the drive for Chia extraction.

In consonance to PNY , there will be a immense shoot up for consumer SSDs for Chia mining and therefore a TBW policy to its SSD warranty will be introduced by NAND shortage.

“The changes PNY made to its XLR8 CS3030 SSD’s warranty policy were driven by two factors, the uptick in demand for using high-speed, consumer-grade SSDs for Chia farming, and the industry-wide shortage of NAND,” PNY said in an official statement to Tom’s Hardware.

“These changes were published and made public on the company’s website in both the warranty section as well as the CS3030 product spec sheet on May 17, 2021.”

The users would not be able to avail warranty services because the write venture which is requisite for Chia coin cultivation can lacquer the assessed tolerance of consumer-grade SSDs before the five-year warranty period.