Microsoft Edge Gets A New Tab Management Feature Called Workspaces

The new Workspaces feature in Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser will make it easier for users to keep their work, personal browsing, shopping, and various project-related tab groups separate. The function is currently being tested in Microsoft Edge Canary builds, but it is only available in a limited number of installations as of this writing.

Edge’s latest Workspaces function enables users to build new workspaces, rename them, paint them for easy identification, or remove them. Regardless of whether the workspace is horizontal or vertical, it can be accessed via a new W button in the standard tab strip.

However, there is a way to unlock it in the browser. Follow the measures outlined below;Drag a shortcut to Edge Canary to your desktop.Select Properties from the context menu when right-clicking on the Edge Canary shortcut.Add a space in the Target text area and paste the following parameter: –enable-features=msWorkspacesTo apply the changes, click the Ok button and restart the browser. The Workspaces button should be visible in the top left corner of the keyboard.Workspaces aren’t a brand-new feature. Workspaces were implemented by Opera Software in Opera 67 in February 2020 to boost tab management. While Microsoft’s version is not an exact replica, it functions similarly.

Many browsers are now including tab management features such as classes, containers, and workspaces. The Workspaces function is ideal, particularly since it adds permanent spaces to the browser that users can access anytime they need a particular workspace.