Sharing Wi-Fi Password On Android And iOS Securely

Do you need to share your Wi-Fi password from your devices such as Android, iOS, PC and Mac to another device?? Here comes the most secure ways of sharing your Wi-Fi passwords from Android, iOS, PC, Mac to other devices.

The conventional method of sharing your Wi-Fi password can be a nuisance if you have a strong password. The simple method of sharing the password is just scanning a QR code. Lets discuss about how to share the Wi-Fi password on different devices..

Sharing Wi Fi password on Android

Go to settings on your Android device and turn on Wi-FiHere you can see the connected Wi-Fi network, just click on itGo to settings > Wi-Fi>  the details will shows here such as SSID, range..Tap on share button > a QR code will appear > scan the code by using the device to be connected.After scanning the code you can share your connected Wi-Fi password to others.Sharing Wi Fi password between iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple has its own habitual ecosystem which makes it more dominance to share your Wi-Fi password between iPhone, iPad, and Macs.

The imperatives to share your password to other Apple devices :

Turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for both devices and turn off their hotspot.Confirm that your Apple ID is saved on the other’s contact list and the persons’s email id is saved in yours also.Go to settings and turn on Wi-Fi.Select the required Wi-Fi network you need to share.Tap Share button.Although, this doesn’t mean that you can’t share your Wi-Fi network from an iPhone to an Android. However, it simply requires a few more steps. You can do so by using a QR code generator like Qrafter. These have the ability to generate Wi-Fi QR codes where you need to enter your Wi-Fi name and password. Post that, scan the QR code via the Android phone’s Settings.