CQA Test App, What And How To Uninstall CQA Test App??

The main purpose of CQA is to “identify a production system’s strengths and weaknesses in quality control. “ That means CQA test is a “quality monitoring app” used by the Android phone manufacturer. Because it’s a default system application, you can’t uninstall or disable it.

The full form of CQA Test app is Certified Quality Auditor Test App. This app is mainly used after the assembling of the smartphone in order to look over whether all the functions are working accurately.

Predominantly CQA testing is a part of Alpha testing which is done by the interiors. Prior to introducing the product in to the market level it is appraised by numerous levels to prolong its quality.

This app make use of CQA test modules to praepostor and and examine the stature of the freshly installed OS and other gadgets such as camera, mic, display, fingerprint sensor, etc.. if they find any problem with the device hardwares or OS it will send the bug report to the respective teams.

Uninstalling CQA Test App

Force stop and clear the cache

Goto Settings  and click Apps & notifications.Traverse to All Applications.Scroll down to find the CAQTest App.Clear the cache data and Force stop the app to disable it.Wipe cache partition

Power off the device and hold the volume down key.While pressing the volume down button press the power button along with it till the boot mode appears.Press the power button to select Recovery Mode option.Using the power button select the Wipe Cache Partition.Factory reset from recovery mode

Power off the devicePress and hold down the volume down button until the boot mode appearsPress the power key to select Recovery Mode.By navigating through the Recovery menu using the power button select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset.This was it, we have successfully discussed all about CQATest App, all its uses, whether it is harmful or not. If it harmful, or creating any issues, we have discussed the methods to disable the CQATest App as well.