Zoom Update Adds More Emojis & Brings Back The Vanishing Pen Tool

If you use Zoom to conduct business, teach lessons, or communicate with friends, there’s a new update that might make things more exciting.

More screen annotations for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars, new hardware solutions for Zoom Rooms, expanded management features for Zoom Chat, and a simplified mass communication solution for Zoom Phone are all included in the most recent Zoom update.

Along with these enhancements, the video chatting service now has more emojis and the Vanishing Pen Annotation function. It has also addressed some of the problems that had been mentioned. Since the coronavirus-induced pandemic confined everyone to their homes in 2020, Zoom has grown in popularity as a video chatting service.

The Vanishing Tool Annotation function is one of the most prominent features of the new Zoom update: “Highlight text or artifacts on the shared screen without having to undo or delete highlight annotations.” “

“Use the Vanishing Pen to highlight text or objects and the highlight will disappear over time, allowing you to direct attendees’ attention without needing to constantly undo or erase your annotations. This feature is also available in Zoom Video Webinars,”says Zoom on its blog.

Users can now choose from an Emoji library a new collection of emojis. Zoom will also allow users to customize the skin tone of emojis in the same way that smartphones do.

“For larger accounts, the full emoji set must be enabled by admins and account owners. If the meeting reactions feature is enabled, account owners and admins can allow meeting participants to use the full emoji suite or stick with the standard set of 6 emoji”says Zoom.

Customers of Zoom Phone will be able to use Singlewire Software’s InformaCast to cause and collect mass alerts about crisis incidents that can affect their well-being.

“this allows organizations to issue communications regarding crises at a moment’s notice and protect their on-site stakeholders.”Zoom says that