Microsoft Designed A New Photos App For Windows 11

Panos Panay the Chief Product Officer of Microsoft published a video about  “beautifully redesigned” photos app for editing photos and videos on windows 11 on his Twitter account.

The stubby and brisk video of Panoy features the axiom “Relive your memories in a new way”. The newly designed Photos app seems to have a elegant design language, circumnavigated corners, a virtuous user interface, and at the top of the centre there is a streaming toolbar.

There is also a miniature menu icon for editing images, creating collages and slideshows, moreover a cropping menu, and accessible Information Page.

Additionally you can now outlook all the photos on the new carousel at the navigation bar. Further you can select multitudinous photos for grouping and at the same time this redesigned Photos app will display these photos on the same window.

The new photos app is powered with an new information icon which shows the details of the images within a click and also it will display the geolocation on the right of the image. It proffers rapid ingress to the camera and other vital details of the image which you are editing.

The home screen of the Photos app is divided into 5 segments: Collection, Albums, People, Folders, and Video Editor

The new Photos app will be available for Windows Insider users soon and is expected to be included in the final version of Windows 11 set to officially launch on October 5th. A few weeks ago, the company had also teased revamped Paint app for Windows 11, which is yet to roll out to Windows Insiders.