Android 12 Beta : Google’s New Phone OS

After releasing an aggregate of Android 12 developers, here comes the first communal beta of Android 12 which is now available to download and install on the compatible devices.

Android is an Open source and Linux-based Operating System for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.

In addition to numerous  announcement  coerce during  I/O 2021, Google divulged the release of  the first Android 12 Beta. It was only a programmer  version. This android 12 beta is only for Google’s  pixel phones , such as Oneplus, Oppo, Realme, ZTE, TCL, Sharp, Vivo, Xiaomi, Techno and Asus.

Google promulgate a comprehensive website which consists of links of the decree who takes part in the Beta program.

There are deluge of  features  in android 12 Beta including new UI design. When the installation of new Android 12 Beta is finished it was a new  perceptible to the lock screen , quick panel setting, and more.

When there is no new notification  the lock screen shows a colossal clock and the quick setting panel is refurbished with big porcelain . The Extra Dim feature makes the screen darker.  The Google Assistant open while long press on the power button. However a new privacy dashboard is seen in the beta version. When  the  camera and microphone are in use the indicators will appear in the corner of the screen as same as in the Ios 14 playbook.

Coming to the installation process  first we need an Android 12 Beta supporting  Google  pixel device. Go to Google  Beta  program ,  from the Beta page beneath your pixel device you will find a option from that select join Beta option. Within a couple of minutes you will endure the Android 12 beta OTA on your device.

If you are installing this Beta version on a non pixel device , then redirect to  Android 12 Beta device website and select the option Get the Beta .Here onward you can go along with the steps on the page of the official website.

LG Makes a “Three-Year Promise” On OS Updates For Premium Smartphones

LG revealed on April 8, 2021 that all existing premium LG smartphones would receive up to Three-Year Promise of Android updates from the year of purchase.

This commitment follows LG’s announcement earlier this week that it would leave the cell phone market by the end of July. LG premium phones launched in 2019 and later (G series, V series, VELVET, Wing) will receive three OS updates, while LG Stylo and K series models released in 2020 will receive two.

Many users were left wondering how the company intended to handle LG’s warranty on current and newly launched phones, as well as OS and security updates, after the shutdown announcement.

LG also stated that it will continue to produce phones through the second quarter in order to fulfill contractual commitments to carriers and partners.

“This means customers can still purchase LG mobile phones currently in inventory and service support and security software updates will continue to be provided for a period of time for certain devices,” the company said in the press release.