COVID 19: Nitrogen Plants Converts Into Oxygen Generators By IIT Bombay

We all know that our world is facing a life threatening disease called COVID 19 which is also known as Corona virus a global pandemic.

This virus cause severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) which leads to death. More than million cases has been confirmed. Due to this SARS  oxygen availability is dropping in some countries. In-order to overcome this threatening issue Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (IIT –B) has come to light with a creative idea of converting Nitrogen generators to Oxygen generators.

This process of conversion is reckoned on a simple technology of permuting a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen unit into a PSA oxygen unit.

After the primary tests they promised that the production of oxygen can be attained at 3.5atmospheric pressure with the sterility of 93% to 96%.

This pure gaseous form of oxygen can be used for COVID 19 related requirements. During this COVID 19 pandemic the scarcity of medical oxygen becomes a great threat for our country. The patients are grappling to get proper treatment due to lack of oxygen availability.

The pilot project was a joint effort between IIT Bombay, Tata Consultancy  Engineers  and  Spantech Engineers Mumbai. On the study about this oxygen crisis these three firms signed a Memo of Understanding to conclude about this project.

However to perform this  conversion of existing nitrogen plants  to oxygen convertors it will almost take four days which is less time compared to setup a new oxygen plant.

“It [conversion of nitrogen unit into an oxygen unit] has been done by fine-tuning the existing nitrogen plant set-up and changing the molecular sieves from carbon to zeolite,” the statement said quoting prof. Milind Atrey, dean (R&D), IITB, who led the project.

On 29th may 2021, IIT –B was declared about the proposal of converting nitrogen plants to oxygen generators. This solution of oxygen scarcity will helps to provide oxygen to the hospitals.