Ocean Nearby Antarctica ,World’s Fifth Ocean By National Geographic

Almost 71% of Earth is covered in water. On the World Ocean Day , National Geographic cartographers announced the hoop around Antarctic ocean as the world’s fifth ocean.

“Dubbed the Southern Ocean, the body of water’s recognition by National Geographic aims to promote conservation and awareness to the fragile ecosystem where thousands of marine species like whales, seals, and penguins live, reports Sarah Gibbens for National Geographic.”

The Southern Ocean is elucidated by a rapid vortex termed  Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) that flux from west to east throughout Antarctica. The current stretches beyond 60 degrees south latitude and seems about 34 million years ago when Antarctica segregated from South America.

The oceanic hoop acts as an imperceptible barrier which encompasses Antarctica in glacial  slight saline waters than northern waters. This segregation forms the continent and the Southern Ocean biologically discrete.

About the Earth’s climate Southern Ocean has a significant effect. The current tugs waters from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, which propels a spheroid system revealed as the global ocean conveyor belt which conveys heat throughout the planet. The frozen waters hauls  carbon from the air down to the depths, which is so called carbon sink.

“Currently, researchers are studying how anthropogenic climate change is affecting Earth’s newest ocean. Scientists know that Antarctica’s waters are warming, and the continent’s ice sheets are melting rapidly. However, it is unknown how much of these effects impact the southern continent, National Geographic reports.”