How To Generate An Internet Kill Switch In Windows 10 ??

Kill Switch is a factor which kills the internet connection whether there will be any IP Leak or disconnection. The advantage of having a Kill Switch in Windows OS is that you can abruptly hit the kill switch and close the internet connection whenever you face any sceptical activity on your connection.

Necessity Of  Kill Switch

This switch can help you in many ways. It has numerous uses and serve as alarm button. So you can make use of this button to pull the internet cable to dodge from scary situations.

How To Generate A Kill Switch In Windows 10 ??

Open Windows 10 setting app by pressing Windows Key + I button on keyboard.From settings app click ‘Network & Internet’ option.Note down your network adapter’s name. It will be “Ethernet” for wired connection and “Wi-Fi” for wireless connection.Now right click on your computer and select New > Shortcut.Type the script on your dialog box:C:WindowsSystem32netsh.exe interface set interface name=”XXXX” admin = disabled

On this script remove “XXXX” by entering your network adapter name.

Click Next button and assign a suitable name for the shortcut such as “Kill Switch” and save.After that right click on the newly generated shortcut and open the properties of the shortcut icon and click on “Advanced” option on that tab.At last enable the ‘Run as administrator’  button and press ok.Creating a Reconnect switch

Select New > Shortcut by right clicking on your desktop and type the script :C:WindowsSystem32netsh.exe interface set interface name=”XXXX” admin = enabled

 Remove ‘XXXX’ by your network adapter name.

Click Next button and name the shortcut as ‘Reconnect’ and click ‘Finish’  button.Select properties of the shortcut button and press ‘Advanced’ option and run it as “Run as administrator”.