Pumpkin Patch Photo Shoot with Otis

Recently we took a family trip to the pumpkin patch. We go every year and I was so excited we could keep the tradition alive during this Covid pandemic. We went to Tanaka Farms and their set up this year was so great. You need to purchase advanced tickets so they limit capacity for safety reasons. We ALWAYS go on the last tractor ride of the day because there is nothing more magical than the pink skies at sunset as well as the temperatures are always much cooler this time of day. I always find that the last time slot of the day you get a little extra time to yourself as people are leaving.

When we arrived, they checked our temperatures and scanned in our tickets and we walked through a covered and shaded line queue. It was truly socially distanced and I felt very comfortable with it personally. Everyone was mandated to wear a mask as well. The wait in line wasn’t very long which was great because Otis is NOT very fun waiting in line. Toddlers, am I right?? Once the tractor (wagon) arrived, families were spaced into the corners of the wagon. Again, the spacing felt comfortable to me so that was a big relief. They take you through the fields and things are decorated everywhere. I have to say the wagon ride was really fun and likely about 15-20 minutes in total. At the end, you stop by animals that you can see from the wagon which was fun for all the kids as well.

Once the tractor stops, you get out and got to pick your own veggies! Which was right next to the flower fields so we stopped off to grab some photos and they were so beautiful. Carrots, beets, and cilantro is what we picked. Then we headed over to the pumpkin patch. To be honest, once Otis saw the pumpkins, he started to run toward them. What was nice is because they are controlling the crowds through ticketed entry, it was not crowded at all and was super easy to space out, pick pumpkins, and take some photos without our masks on. I almost didn’t think to do the pumpkin patch this year because of the state of the world but I am SO so happy we did. We all had a blast and I am thankful that the farm made the experience feel safe for everyone. Important to note that with the purchase of a ticket, you get to pick a pumpkin which is included in the price. I tried to get Otis’ height next to the cute signs on the way out… but he was NOT having it. Maybe next year. HA! On the way out, we stopped for some tiny pumpkins and a new lawn sign that they sell. We had THE best time. Hope you enjoy this family moment with us through these photos.

Also, just a little note on this outfit, I feel this is one of my all time FAVORITE dresses. i swear the silhouette is so epic and it comes in multiple colors. I have the black and white. Such a good investment piece for your closet.

On Kim // dress: free people / shoes: golden goose / sunglasses: ray-ban / mask: evolvetogether

On Otis // shirt: old navy / jeans: h&m kids / shoes: vans / sunglasses: real shades

On Blake // shirt: old navy // jeans: paige / shoes: vans

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Best Halloween Books for Toddlers 2020

Things that spark joy: Decorating Otis’ book shelves for the seasons. It’s a simple thing that adds some fun to the everyday and excitement for the holidays ahead. The decor is SUPER simple. I just bought these bats that stick to the wall and then this cat to set on the shelf. Then I just grabbed last years Halloween books and added a few new ones to our collection. To save my walls, I used blue painters tape to put the bats up in his room. Super simple and quick and I just love how it came out. Linking all the books we use and love below to inspire you for your kiddos.

shelves: ikea (similar) / letterboard: letterfolk (similar)cat: target / bats: amazon

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DIY Disney Pixar Cars Theme 2nd Birthday Party

Otis’ birthday was one for the books. In the midst of my fertility treatment (that you can read about here) Otis birthday ended up being such a bright light and much needed distraction. Of course… in true mom-goes-overboard fashion, we celebrated his actual bday as Trolls theme birthday and then we did a separate drive by birthday party for him. We did CARS theme since he is equally obsessed and basically wants to watch it everyday. 

We planned a car parade to come by at 4pm and then people could stop over after (wearing masks) to grab a snack and check out special guest (more on that later) and say happy birthday. I actually got the flag banners as a hand me down from a neighbor and they ended up being such an easy way to have it feel decorated. Otis’ buddy TJ also got him this ride on Lightning Mcqueen car and it was kind of epic for the party theme. We kept food super easy and just did donuts and juice boxes for the kids to grab. My sister helped me by DIYing these cozy cones and inside each one, I put a hot wheels car and some Cars theme stickers for the kids. I spread out some pieces of fabric on the lawn if people wanted to sit and eat their donuts. I also ordered this epic Mac cutout since Otis is obsessed with Mac in the movie. I ordered balloons ahead of time and filled them with our own helium tank. This saved any extra trips to the party store.

Last minute, I ended up finding this Lightning McQueen impersonator and it was literally the most epic thing ever!! I found them on instagram and McQueen stayed for the car parade and after so the kids could take a picture with him. SO FREAKING COOL. 

When the parade was almost ready to start, we were trying to get Otis outside to get ready to meet McQueen and also get ready to watch the parade go by. OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS. Toddlers are special little creatures. He was of course shy and grumpy from just waking up from his nap and Blake and I were trying desperately to get him to inch closer to McQueen and the sidewalk to watch the parade. He was being SOOOO shy (which you cant even tell from the later photos) but eventually he took his little ride on Mcqueen over to the big McQueen and started to warm up. The parade was about to start so we eventually got him to sit in our patio chair and inch it forward to watch the parade. After the parade, Blake brought out our bluetooth wireless speaker and started pumping the John Mayer New Light and literally the Otis could not have been happier dancing with his friends. The joy in his face is just priceless. I live for these moments!!! One of my mom friends ended up calling our local fire department to see if a truck to come and wish Otis a Happy Birthday. When the fire truck showed up, the kids lost their minds!!!! So special that they help to support the community in so many ways. 

After everyone left, just my family came to the backyard for a Happy Birthday cupcake and pizza. My friend DYI-ed the CUTEST birthday hats with the help of this tape to keep it on theme. I ordered race car flag toothpicks that made the perfect topper for the cupcake. 

For our outfits, I ordered us custom kids hats and adult hats from reytoz. They come in both adult, kid and infant sizes and they are one of Otis’ fav accessories. I also ordered Blake and Otis matching shirts from the Disney store online. 

Otis, I will celebrate you ANY chance I get. We love you so much!!!!!

Otis Outfit // reytoz hat / shopdisney shirt / childhoods clothing shorts / native shoes

Kim Outfit // reytoz hat // LNA tank top / rag and bone shorts / APL sneakers

Blake Shirt: shopdisney

Lightning McQueen Impersonator / Lightning McQueen Ride On Car / MAC cutout / race car flag garland / race car theme balloons / 2 balloon / custom letter balloons / plates + flatware + napkins / race car toothpick flags / party favor Disney Pixar Cars stickers / party favor hot wheels / cones / clear gift bags / checkered tape for DIY

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