How To Generate An Internet Kill Switch In Windows 10 ??

Kill Switch is a factor which kills the internet connection whether there will be any IP Leak or disconnection. The advantage of having a Kill Switch in Windows OS is that you can abruptly hit the kill switch and close the internet connection whenever you face any sceptical activity on your connection.

Necessity Of  Kill Switch

This switch can help you in many ways. It has numerous uses and serve as alarm button. So you can make use of this button to pull the internet cable to dodge from scary situations.

How To Generate A Kill Switch In Windows 10 ??

Open Windows 10 setting app by pressing Windows Key + I button on keyboard.From settings app click ‘Network & Internet’ option.Note down your network adapter’s name. It will be “Ethernet” for wired connection and “Wi-Fi” for wireless connection.Now right click on your computer and select New > Shortcut.Type the script on your dialog box:C:WindowsSystem32netsh.exe interface set interface name=”XXXX” admin = disabled

On this script remove “XXXX” by entering your network adapter name.

Click Next button and assign a suitable name for the shortcut such as “Kill Switch” and save.After that right click on the newly generated shortcut and open the properties of the shortcut icon and click on “Advanced” option on that tab.At last enable the ‘Run as administrator’  button and press ok.Creating a Reconnect switch

Select New > Shortcut by right clicking on your desktop and type the script :C:WindowsSystem32netsh.exe interface set interface name=”XXXX” admin = enabled

 Remove ‘XXXX’ by your network adapter name.

Click Next button and name the shortcut as ‘Reconnect’ and click ‘Finish’  button.Select properties of the shortcut button and press ‘Advanced’ option and run it as “Run as administrator”.

SpaceX’s Starlink Provide High Speed WiFi At Flight

Elon Musk founder of Tesla setout SpaceX to bring  high-speed internet to flights.

“We have our own aviation product in development…,” Hofeller told The Verge. “We’ve already done some demonstrations to date, and looking to get that product finalized to be put on aircraft in the very near future,” he added.

Among 4,440 satellites designed by starlink, 1800 satellites has been launched. They organize to furnish a global assurance with expeditious internet facility. This services mainly signify for pastoral areas in which fiber connections are impracticable. These plans will also applicable to commercial flights. The company assures speed up to 100Mbps for downloads and 20Mbps for uploads.

The technology used to manufacture airline antennas is similar to that of used in consumer terminals. Inorder to communicate with satellites the antennas should link with ground terminals.

“In-flight Wi-Fi is notoriously pricy, and typically quite slow. Hofeller said that Starlink will be able to provide a “great experience,” something which current, geostationary systems cannot do. However, he did not say when, exactly, this could launch. “To be determined […] Hopefully sooner rather than later,” he said.”

On past year, SpaceX organized a plan to conduct an experiment to check Starlink on five Gulfstream jets. Later they seek FCC acceptance inorder to use starlink  primarily  to vehicles which possibly will receive a signal. But this method is only possible for vehicles such as aircraft, ships, large trucks & RVs.

For the aircrafts which flies through remote areas of ocean and also the region which is very far off from ground stations inorder to provide connectivity an inter satellite link is required.

“The next generation of our constellation, which is in work, will have this inter-satellite connectivity,” Hofeller said.

A Mentor To Indian Internet Rules 2021(IIR): Privacy, Intermediary, Traceability

The Government announced that, social media to follow the Indian IT Rules 2021. The Rules have been declared under the Information Technology Act, 2000. 

Here’s a mentor to the Indian IT Rules 2021, which will explain  about the  Intermediaries, Privacy, Traceability.

The changes after the IT Rule 2021 will alter every persons who lives with the existence of online in India. These rules is relevant to social media, messenger apps, news portals and OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime videos etc.. 

“The new IT Rules 2021 for digital media platforms includes the requirement to appoint a resident grievance officer as part of a larger grievance redressal mechanism, active monitoring of content on the platform, monthly compliance reports for Indian users, self-regulation mechanisms and also an oversight mechanism.”

Moreover, the Governments demands social media to oversee its users and share the data’s with the government when they need.

As per the IT Act 2000 the Intermediary status is submitted to social media which it assumes social media as a person who receives and stores the data and will be transmitted the contents in aid of another person.

“In the new IT rules, Rule 7 takes away this protection. It says that if an intermediary (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.) fails to observe the rules, their protection will be taken away and they’ll be tried in court. If they lose, the Facebook and Twitter ban might as well become reality.”

Now talking about Traceability , the Indian IT rules 2021 coerce intermediaries to trace the originator of a message. Looking that the great intermediary is Whatsapp and governments asked  Whatsapp to track the origin of message. For doing this Whatsapp asked the government should compromise the problem of end to end encryption. And the government discourse that once they can track the messages they will surely open a door for hackers.

Discussing about Privacy When these rules comes in to force , you’ll experience the modifications in your social media usage. So your privacy will change with respect to traceability.

As explained above, traceability gives the government more direct control over what floats on social media. It also gives the state a backdoor into knowing who you talk to.

How To Boost Internet Speed On Windows PC?

Are you fed up with slow Internet, here comes the new stratagem to increase the Internet speed.

Slow Internet becomes a catastrophe in all fields. In most cases when the Internet speed goes down the first thing we all do is restarting our device or router, if this method fails we blaim the internet service provider (ISP), and  we change our ISP  to another for better connection.

To improve your Internet speed in windows using command prompt here are some tips.

At first we need to dissect the device default gateway address and dissect the connection speed of that IP address. By typing ipconfig/all command in the command prompt we will get the gateway address. After this we need to ping the connection by entering the command ping –t . From the acknowledgement we can get our device internet speed.

If you are using a Wifi connection you may delight a high speed connection due to the supremacy of the signal from Wifi. But in the case of LAN , you cant feel the difference.

“ipconfig/release” this command  releases the entrapped IP address and “ipconfig/renew”  this helps to regenerate your IP address and solve the snag with concerns  to your IP address. The first step to boost the internet speed  is finished and next is to clear the DNS cache.

When you are browsing on internet , your computer saves the websites you used and also their IP address in the DNS resolver cache.  After few weeks these datas becomes outdated. To create current  entries in the DNS resolver cache we must empty out the DNS resolver cache , it means we egest the outdated data. Thus we will perceive a quick loading of websites. The last step is to interface TCP command using netsh.

Here we enter two different types of command in cmd prompt to improve your internet speed. netsh interface tcp show heuristics and netsh interface tcp set heuristics disabled are the two commands.

After executing these two commands in cmd prompt you can scrutinize your default gateway speed and also the variations in internet speed .

These are the 3 main tricks to boost your internet speed by using simple commands.

China Southern Airlines Officially Launched Ticket Sales Business On Pinduoduo

According to information from Pinduoduo, China’s mobile shopping app, China Southern Airlines has officially launched direct sales of tickets on Pinduoduo.
Pinduoduo users can book the tickets of China Southern Airlines through the “recharge center” of Pinduoduo, and enjoy the same services as those who purchase on the official website of China Southern Airlines.

China Southern Airlines is the first airline company to cooperate with Pinduoduo in direct sales of tickets. The two parties will connect the NDC airline distribution system to open up the direct channel of airline, aiming to provide consumers with reliable air ticket products and high-quality travel services.
Apart from the sales of tickets, China Southern Airlines plans to explore new business models in innovative product and joint marketing on Pinduoduo in the future.
Pinduoduo said that they would continue to enhance cooperation with more airline companies to provide consumers with affordable and reliable air tickets and full-link travel services. CTO Resigned, a Chinese lottery sales website, announced that its chief technology officer Tian Zhaofu had resigned due to personal reasons, effective on December 31, 2020.
Meanwhile, the website said that the company had no plan to appoint any successor at the moment.

Recently, just appointed Yang Xianfeng to be its CEO and Yu Bo as COO. Both appointments were effective on December 21, 2020.
The company said that based on the successful experience of its relevant company Loto Interactive Limited, the board of directors suggested to explore the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.
Yang Xianfeng has accumulated rich experience in the encrypted digital virtual currency industry and he is currently responsible for the big data center business of Internet blockchain of Loto Interactive Limited.