A Mentor To Indian Internet Rules 2021(IIR): Privacy, Intermediary, Traceability

The Government announced that, social media to follow the Indian IT Rules 2021. The Rules have been declared under the Information Technology Act, 2000. 

Here’s a mentor to the Indian IT Rules 2021, which will explain  about the  Intermediaries, Privacy, Traceability.

The changes after the IT Rule 2021 will alter every persons who lives with the existence of online in India. These rules is relevant to social media, messenger apps, news portals and OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime videos etc.. 

“The new IT Rules 2021 for digital media platforms includes the requirement to appoint a resident grievance officer as part of a larger grievance redressal mechanism, active monitoring of content on the platform, monthly compliance reports for Indian users, self-regulation mechanisms and also an oversight mechanism.”

Moreover, the Governments demands social media to oversee its users and share the data’s with the government when they need.

As per the IT Act 2000 the Intermediary status is submitted to social media which it assumes social media as a person who receives and stores the data and will be transmitted the contents in aid of another person.

“In the new IT rules, Rule 7 takes away this protection. It says that if an intermediary (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.) fails to observe the rules, their protection will be taken away and they’ll be tried in court. If they lose, the Facebook and Twitter ban might as well become reality.”

Now talking about Traceability , the Indian IT rules 2021 coerce intermediaries to trace the originator of a message. Looking that the great intermediary is Whatsapp and governments asked  Whatsapp to track the origin of message. For doing this Whatsapp asked the government should compromise the problem of end to end encryption. And the government discourse that once they can track the messages they will surely open a door for hackers.

Discussing about Privacy When these rules comes in to force , you’ll experience the modifications in your social media usage. So your privacy will change with respect to traceability.

As explained above, traceability gives the government more direct control over what floats on social media. It also gives the state a backdoor into knowing who you talk to.