Users Complaining The Bricking Issues Of Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Smartphone users are under going on a crucial bug that is pull out their devices bricked and makes it phlegmatic.

Those users  who are facing this issue take their smartphone to Google’s issue tracker, support forums, and Reddit, in order to complain that their smartphones are confined in a Qualcomm EDL mode, rather of Android which makes their phones unserviceable.

EDL mode is a Qualcomm-enabled feature that can allow you to recover data from a device and perform tasks like unbricking the device, unlocking the bootloader, or modifying protected device parameters.

Most of the complaints are registered on June. Users divulged about the issue of rouse up to a dead phone after an night long security update, on the other side some of them complains about the phones being shut down out of just now.

Customers are abashed that Google Support is reluctant  to return the damaged devices, as it is out of warranty. This indicates  that affected users may either repair themselves  or purchase a new smartphone  at their own expenses. It is because  the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL were launched back in October 2018 so most of the smartphones sold in the course of that period will be out of warranty by now and lose support from Google .

Google has not yet officially commented on the issue. It will be interesting to see if the company plans to extend the warranty of the affected Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones like the way it recently did for their Pixel 4 XL devices facing certain hardware issues.

The New Bug Bounty Program Launched By Google

Google disclosed their new Bug Bounty Program to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their Vulnerability Rewards Programme. On 2010 January VRP was organized to recompense the benefaction of vulnerability investigators who imbue their attempt to detect and record bugs to Google. This makes the Internet unassailable.

Almost 11,055 bugs have reported in these past 10 years in the various organizations of the company and they all are fixed by Vulnerability Rewards Programme (VRP).

In accordance with the celebration Google has renamed its VRP program  as “Bug Hunters”.

This new Bug Bounty Program yields all the VRPs of Google, Android, Abuse Chrome, etc serried and offers a unique profit which helps bug hunters indisputably to report the problems.

“When we launched our very first VRP, we had no idea how many valid vulnerabilities – if any – would be submitted on the first day. Everyone on the team put in their estimate, with predictions ranging from zero to 20. In the end, we actually received more than 25 reports, taking all of us by surprise,” Jan Keller, Technical Program Manager, Google VRP announced in a blog post.

Bug hunters also provides much more possibilities for affiliation and feuding in the form of leading panels of peculiar countries for specific bugs.

The company says that even submitting patches to open-source software is eligible for a reward, just as rewards for research papers on the security of open source.

Bug Hunters can enhance their bug hunting dexterity and reports through the matter obtainable from Google’s new Bug Hunter University.

Google Meet Administer Group Video Call Time Duration Increased For Free Users

Google has imposed a 60-minute time allotment on group calls for free users. From now free Google meet users are not able to organize a meeting exceeding 60 minutes.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic Google meet was furnished  to all users to help them studying and working from home. It also challenge with its opponent like Zoom and Skype.

Google said that it wouldn’t enforce a 60-minute time limit on calls and the calls could run all day long until September 30th .

“At 55 minutes, everyone gets a notification that the call is about to end. To extend the call, the host can upgrade their Google account. Otherwise, the call will end at 60 minutes.”

Google meet criterion updated that video call with more than 3 participants will be only upto 60 minutes. And this criteria will not affect for individual users.

The google meet website declared that the users who desire to organize infinite group video call with more than 3 members  should update to the Google workshop individual charging at $9.99 per month.  If they subscribed to the monthly plan they can make calls for the whole day without any restrictions. At present this facility is now available only in 5 countries U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan.

Google Detached 9 Android Apps That Purloin FB Users Testimonials

Not long ago Google abolished nine malignant apps from the Play Store subsequently they found sneaking Facebook users login credentials.

These malwares was observed by a special technique to ploy users into divulging their login credentials by providing some photo editing and other features. This was track down by security researchers at Dr. Web.

“Doctor Web’s malware analysts have discovered malicious apps on Google Play that steal Facebook users’ logins and passwords. These stealer trojans were spread as harmless software and were installed more than 5,856,010 times.”

The 9 malware  apps  were  Processing Photo, App Lock Keep, Rubbish Cleaner, Horoscope Daily, Horoscope Pi, App Lock Manager, Lockit Master, Inwell Fitness, and PIP Photo.

As per Dr. Web’s statement these apps were highly functioning and also to debilitate the surveillance of losers. The add performing in the middle of some apps are real and this intrigue was conscious to stimulate the device holder to execute the necessary actions.

A social network login page will appear on the screen when the users click the login icon. But it was a fake page in order to sneak the users  ID and Password.

“After receiving the necessary settings from one of the C&C servers upon launch, they loaded the legitimate Facebook web page into WebView. Next, they loaded JavaScript received from the C&C server into the same WebView. This script was directly used to highjack the entered login credentials,” the security researchers wrote in the report.

By use of this Java script Interface annotation the sneaked credentials were given to the malignant applications and then to C&C server. When the victim log in to their account their cookies were sneaked by the Trojans and handover to cyberpunks.

After Dr. Web’s report went live, Google removed all the nine malicious apps from the Play Store. In addition, it has also banned developers of these apps from submitting any new apps, according to ArsTechnica.

They suggested to android users to install apps from known resources and also to check the other users reviews. They also mention that the users should be alert that which apps are asking them to login their accounts.

Android 12 Beta : Google’s New Phone OS

After releasing an aggregate of Android 12 developers, here comes the first communal beta of Android 12 which is now available to download and install on the compatible devices.

Android is an Open source and Linux-based Operating System for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.

In addition to numerous  announcement  coerce during  I/O 2021, Google divulged the release of  the first Android 12 Beta. It was only a programmer  version. This android 12 beta is only for Google’s  pixel phones , such as Oneplus, Oppo, Realme, ZTE, TCL, Sharp, Vivo, Xiaomi, Techno and Asus.

Google promulgate a comprehensive website which consists of links of the decree who takes part in the Beta program.

There are deluge of  features  in android 12 Beta including new UI design. When the installation of new Android 12 Beta is finished it was a new  perceptible to the lock screen , quick panel setting, and more.

When there is no new notification  the lock screen shows a colossal clock and the quick setting panel is refurbished with big porcelain . The Extra Dim feature makes the screen darker.  The Google Assistant open while long press on the power button. However a new privacy dashboard is seen in the beta version. When  the  camera and microphone are in use the indicators will appear in the corner of the screen as same as in the Ios 14 playbook.

Coming to the installation process  first we need an Android 12 Beta supporting  Google  pixel device. Go to Google  Beta  program ,  from the Beta page beneath your pixel device you will find a option from that select join Beta option. Within a couple of minutes you will endure the Android 12 beta OTA on your device.

If you are installing this Beta version on a non pixel device , then redirect to  Android 12 Beta device website and select the option Get the Beta .Here onward you can go along with the steps on the page of the official website.

More Countries Will Be Able To Use Google’s Earthquake Warning System

Earthquakes strike on a regular basis all over the world, affecting hundreds of millions of people who live in earthquake-prone areas. Earthquake Warning can help people plan for tremors, but building and deploying public infrastructure to detect and notify everyone about an earthquake is expensive.

Google, the world’s largest technology company, recently announced that its earthquake warning system will now be available in more countries. Earthquake warnings will also be accessible in two additional areas, according to the tech giant.

By using sensors in Android phones around the world, the safety feature effectively establishes a vast network of earthquake detectors. Android users in Greece and New Zealand can now receive automatic earthquake alerts in those countries. According to Google, these countries were chosen because they lack early warning system warnings. If users prefer, they can turn off the notifications.

In August 2020, Google released an update for Android that included a slew of new tools and features. That was the first time the Android Earthquake Alerts System was released.

Users’ phones will help give others further away a heads-up, giving them just enough time to respond. Those in the area can also look up helpful information on what to do after an earthquake if the earthquake hasn’t caused any damage.

Meanwhile, in May, residents of Washington, D.C., will receive the Android warning update. While no mention of expanding the safety alerts to other countries has been made, it is likely that more places will receive them in the future.

Google Chrome : Smartphone Users Beware Of Fake Application

For the time of this pandemic , hackers all over the world  are grueling to hack the servers and also peoples data , by using different modern technology. Among that a new method is a fake Google Chrome App.

By updating this app in our devices, the spammers get the total reign of your devices from that they can control your bank account.

Of course, Google chrome is a leading web browser software with lots of users  around the globe.  It is vital to keep updated to the latest version of technology by upgrading the apps and software. So while we updating some fake apps the devices got hacked.

 A new Android malware has been found to impersonate the Google Chrome app and has infected hundreds of thousands of devices already, according to the researchers at cybersecurity firm Pradeo. The researchers have qualified the threat as a “Smishing Trojan”.

As per the study, the researchers divulged that this app is incorporated with a  mobile attack strategy inorder to snatch your credit card details by fixing this fake chrome app in to your device and adding your device to this mobile attack strategy.

Once we installed this fake chrome app into your mobile, the client will get a SMS by asking them to pay cash to issue a package.  By opening the link the app gets updated, and this so called Trojan which caricature as google chrome app. After these they asked a small payment which should be pay through credit cards. When you do so your credit card details be hacked by the spammers from the other end and they can use this for banking fraud .

This doesn’t comes to an end , as immediately the app got installed it may malfunction the mobile phone by sending thousands of SMS within 2 to 3 hours and this leads to a chain process which we called mobile attack strategy.

The researchers have suggested cell customers to by no means present their bank card particulars when an unknown sender asks for it. Additionally, they’ve requested cellphone customers to obtain and replace all their apps from official Google Play Retailer and Apple App Retailer solely.

Google Update : Two Factor Authentication 2FA Security Setting

Google  gradually  enhances  their  security for its users by providing extensive variety of features .  Among  this  two factor authentication 2FA is a milestone which secure the users account. This news  was divulged by google  on may 6th  the world password day  about the idea of two factor authentication 2FA a default setting.

They point out about the fact that passwords alone  wont  secure google accounts. Google assures that 2FA is the right tool for the right person to log into their google accounts.

Google’s this step makes people to keep their account more safe and secure from the hackers. Once we setup this 2 FA settings to our account and if a person log in to their account it enables a prompt which appears  on the persons second device such as smart phones or any another devices.

Most of the social media apps are using this method to secure their users account . In  some foreign countries, users are confessed to make their password more convoluted which leads to some security risks. In order to overcome this snag , google integrated this  2FA method of verification along with password.

 In this era password alone is not only a safest method to secure our data. Google also recommends another ways to secure passwords among that free password manager is a tool to ensure that if your password is safe.

One of the best ways to protect your account from a breached or bad password is by having a second form of verification in place – another way for your account to confirm it is really you logging in,” added Risher.

Google is looking forward to make 2fa a mandatory in the future for the users to make their account protected. This  strategy from Google go dutch with app developers during the last 3 months of this year and they can proclaim this vital information to the Google Play Console by Q4 2021.

On April 30, Google’s Q&A Feature Will Be Deactivated

Google’s Q&A feature in Search will be decommissioned on April 30th, according to a Google support page update. In other words, when searching on Google, users would no longer be able to see the Q&A site.

Aside from that, the company has announced that on June 30th, all question-answer user contributions will be deleted from all users’ “your contributions” pages.

The functionality was first made available to Google users a few years ago. When you type a question into the Google search bar, the results are usually either directly related to the question or with a few more “related questions” and responses below it. Google also seems to have made it possible for publishers to respond to user-posted questions.

According to reports, Google created the feature specifically for Indian users. However, this is not mentioned as an India-specific feature on the company’s website.

How to download all your questions and answers?

Even though they will be deleted from the Search query page on April 30, Google will allow all of its users to download all of the questions and answers they have asked until June 30.

Users would need to use the Google Takeout service to do so, which they can find by clicking here. Users must first sign in to their account and then pick the “Search contributions” choice after arriving at the service.

This will keep track of all of their contributions, including the questions and answers. The user will be notified via e-mail once the record has been created, and will be given a link to download it.

Guacamole : Google Testing New Android Feature

Google appears to be testing a new feature called ‘Guacamole,’ which will manage alarms, clocks, and phone calls by allowing users to say ‘Stop,’ ‘Snooze,’ and ‘Answer/decline the call,’ respectively.

Users who have upgraded their phones to Android 11 and the Google app version have discovered the latest functionality. At Google I/O 2019, Google added some ‘Guacamole’ functionality to its Google Home/Nest Hub smart speakers and displays.

“We’re constantly experimenting with new ways to improve the overall experience with Google Assistant. We have no additional details to share at this time,” Google mentioned in a report.

According to The Verge, some Android 11 users have noticed a strange new setting called “Guacamole” in the Google app. Android Police and 9to5Google were also consulted for the details. However, users have yet to be able to activate the feature.

The function can explicitly manage alarms, clocks, and calls, according to the article, by allowing users to say ‘Stop,’ ‘Snooze,’ and ‘Answer/decline the call,’ respectively.