How To Stop Payment Apps From Gathering & Sharing Your Data?

Mobile payment apps like Venmo, Cash App and PayPal Mobile Cash are enhanced more ubiquitous in our entity. When they put forward true value and satisfaction to the customers, it provides significant frequently hidden oblation to privacy.

The vague disclaimers and notices may be immersed intense in your settings, once you download and use the app it immediately forewarns you that your information is no longer yours. When it bump into financial data that can disclose people’s religious beliefs, sexual orientation, medical history, political beliefs, friends, and locations and leads to serious dilemma.

“Customers have the ability to determine their own privacy settings in the app, including making transactions and friends lists private as well as controlling their visibility on their friends’ friends lists,” explained the spokesperson over email. “We’re consistently evolving and strengthening the privacy measures for all Venmo users to continue to provide a safe, secure place to send and spend money.”

Here’s how to keep your Venmo dealings private?

Open Venmo app and figure out the three horizontal lines.Goto “Settings” and click “Privacy”Under “Default Privacy Settings” click “Private”Goto “Past Transactions” and tap on “Change all to Private”.How to lock cash app and what are all it shares?

Unlike venom, cash app will not focus any money grubbing network. Thereby it eschews certain rudimentary privacy issues.

Pursuant to Cash App’s privacy policy, it grabs miscellaneous datas  such as device location, IP address, device language, network provider location together with strange details in particular whether iOS users downloaded the Chrome app, so due to this user’s real name, email address can be naturally realized which expedite to send and receive money.

Cash App highlights its privacy policy , that it wont share your information to an arbitrator. But privacy policy reported , “It is clear that it may be shared, or is aggregated and anonymized information (with service providers or other third parties) that does not specifically identify you or any individual user of our Services.”

How PayPal shares the data and how to lock it?

According to the company, PayPal’s general privacy policy “applies to PayPal’s PayPal, Braintree, and Xoom services.” In other words, it covers all of PayPal. So what kind of user data does the PayPal family of services collect?

PayPal grabs datas of both GPS  location and the location detected through IP address and it is quite infuriating to avert the app from collecting the users IP address in order to attain the users location.

PayPal’s privacy policy states that you can use your data for your own marketing purposes and may share it with other PayPal-owned companies, including Xoom and Venmo.

From these cases, if you are using Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal, your peculiar datas are grabbed and used by those companies. Apart from detaching the app totally, users are restricted in what they can do.