More Countries Will Be Able To Use Google’s Earthquake Warning System

Earthquakes strike on a regular basis all over the world, affecting hundreds of millions of people who live in earthquake-prone areas. Earthquake Warning can help people plan for tremors, but building and deploying public infrastructure to detect and notify everyone about an earthquake is expensive.

Google, the world’s largest technology company, recently announced that its earthquake warning system will now be available in more countries. Earthquake warnings will also be accessible in two additional areas, according to the tech giant.

By using sensors in Android phones around the world, the safety feature effectively establishes a vast network of earthquake detectors. Android users in Greece and New Zealand can now receive automatic earthquake alerts in those countries. According to Google, these countries were chosen because they lack early warning system warnings. If users prefer, they can turn off the notifications.

In August 2020, Google released an update for Android that included a slew of new tools and features. That was the first time the Android Earthquake Alerts System was released.

Users’ phones will help give others further away a heads-up, giving them just enough time to respond. Those in the area can also look up helpful information on what to do after an earthquake if the earthquake hasn’t caused any damage.

Meanwhile, in May, residents of Washington, D.C., will receive the Android warning update. While no mention of expanding the safety alerts to other countries has been made, it is likely that more places will receive them in the future.