Top 5 APK Download Sites For Android Devices : 2021

Sometimes you are not able to install apps from playstore. In such occasions the app might be blocked by its geo so the only method is to install the required app is to download its APK and install in to your device.

Here comes the top most 5  APK download sites for Android devices.

It is one of the commonly used websites for downloading APKs which provides APKs for free. APK Pure site put forwards plenty of Android apps on its website with normal size.

APK Pure app has its own android app to download the specific APK so you don’t need to go to its website whenever you want to download the APK. One of the most elegant features of this site is its user friendly interface which looks virtuous and systematic. It has security policy for corroborate that the APKs downloading through APK Pure is 100%  virus free.

The F-Droid website provides several open-source apps for download. The great virtue of this website is  that it offers apps that are beneficial to our routine lives and are open-sourced. It purvey an Android app to download and oversee your apps.

APK DownloaderThe APK Downloader changed its name to APK – DL. This website supplies quite nominal user interface in order to search an app and download its APK directly from the site.

It also provides apps and games which is freely obtained from the playstore. It shut out the privacy by forbidden the users to download paid apps .

APK MirrorAPKMirror is the most prominent APK sites for download APK files. It offers numerous apps available on the play store along with its older version too. APK Mirror also provide another function called APK Mirror Installer which install split APKs and App Bundles.

Aptoide includes numerous Android apps with eternally bears for Android TV, from which you can directly install apps from its App Store. All the free apps and games on the Aptoide app store can be browsed and download them to your phone.

Sideloading apps on Android devices can be really useful if you encounter Play Store issues on older devices or custom ROMs