Discord Server : Creation And Configuration On Android

Discord is assuredly a unique apps for voice communication. Discord is adroit to purvey an incessant, high-quality voice chat. It is highly adaptable which makes users to add bots, specify permissions, and give roles to server members. Discord works through virtual servers which circuits the communication instantly connecting the chats.

“Discord is an amazing app whose potential can be further explored when accepted by the general public, not just the gaming community. Many consider it one of our time’s best social apps with a plethora of features and a strong community behind it.”

How to create and configure a Discord server ??

Discord server can be used in all forums. It can also use it on Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, on iOS or Android devices.

 Here are the steps:

Open the Discord app by creating a Discord account by put up your e-mail, password, username, and date of birth.Click the “hamburger” menu  on the left corner.Depending on your goal select a Discord server template. Choose  “me and my friends” or “club or community” which depends upon the server user.Assign a name to server icon and upload it.At this moment you can invite your friends to join your server by sending a invite link.Now the server is running, and can easily customize it.You need to generate more channels such as server rules and community update channels if the members of your server rises.

“You can also use the MEE6 bot to welcome new members and handle the community, as it does most of the stuff for you.”