Windows The Prominent OS For Development, 2021

According to technopedia, an operating system is “a software that allows a user to run other applications on a computing device…the vast majority of applications are written for an OS, which allows them to take advantage of common libraries and not worry about specific hardware details.”

Windows is and was the most prominent option for software development, subsequently after Linux and macOS. It was proved by JetBrains Developer Ecosystem survey done in 2021.

Windows are easy to use which grants developers to start developing as soon as possible. Whereas Linux doesn’t have essential assemblage and preinstalled programming languages.

Among 61% of people are using Windows, 47% are Linux users and 44% of them are macOS users. They also scrutinized for WSL, and discovered, around 65% of designers on Windows are not using it. 21% of them are operating with the gadgets installed in WSL, and 17% are using both projects and gadgets loaded in WSL, and remaining  14% runs applications in WSL.

Developer Mode in Windows 10 confess the  programmers to appraise the apps, change settings and guide progressive specifications which is not  available for daily users. Windows Developer Mode is an OS augmentation which  yields  a distinctive user experience component to Windows for designers.

A wide range of support is provided for developers, which is a big pro, and one of the main selling points that attracts devs to the Windows OS.