WhatsApp Is Expected To Allow Users To Transfer Their Chat History Between iOS & Android Devices

If you’re looking to move from Android to iPhone, WhatsApp will soon make it easier to pass chats between the two platforms. Users will be able to publicly move their chat history between the two sites, according to the social media behemoth.

There is currently no official way to move WhatsApp chat history between new devices, but the messaging platform is working on a solution for its users. However, a forthcoming WhatsApp update for iOS and Android will include the ability to move chat histories from iOS to Android and vice versa, according to the article.

WhatsApp transfers your account information, including your profile photo, name, about, individual chats, group chats, and settings, when you switch from iOS to Android or Android to iOS, but it does not migrate your chat history.

The source provided a screenshot of the upcoming feature but did not elaborate on its features. There’s still no news about when the new component will be out.

When a user wants to move from one mobile network to another, WhatsApp displays a message that says, “You can’t pass your chat history.” Other information, such as the profile name, picture, and settings, is preserved.

While there are a few tools that claim to be able to migrate a user’s chat history between WhatsApp on Android and iOS, they may be unreliable, and using them may also be against WhatsApp’s terms of service.

WhatsApp competitors such as Signal and Viber, on the other hand, do have this functionality, so it’s possible that WhatsApp will prioritize this feature in its upcoming update.