Ximalaya, Xiaomi Reached Strategic Cooperation

Ximalaya and Xiaomi recently reached strategic cooperation and the two parties will work together in audio contents and intelligent hardware.
Ximalaya will authorize massive high-quality contents to Xiaomi, whose users will be able to enjoy those contents via its intelligent speaker Xiaoai. With the strategic cooperation, the two parties will also launch a joint-brand intelligent speaker. In the future, they will further explore audio member service together.

It is said that Ximalaya will open its extensive IP contents to Xiaomi, including popular parent-child, cultural, historical and geographic contents, in addition to radio dramas.
Ximalaya has reportedly served over 100 million Xiaomi users, and more than 30 million Xiaomi users listen to audio programs on Ximalaya every month. Prior to this, Ximalaya has realized cooperation with many products of Xiaomi.
Statistics show that Ximalaya currently has 600 million users and over 10 million audio content creators. By October 2020, its fully-scenario ecology traffic reached 329 million.

Alibaba To Provide Public Cloud Services In Saudi Arabia

According to reports in foreign media, Saudi Telecom Company, Aliyun and eWTP Capital, a fund supported by Saudi Arabia and Alibaba, have established a cooperation partnership to provide public cloud services in Saudi Arabia, with an investment of USD500 million in the next five years.
Aliyun will set up a new office in Riyadh.??It is said that the introduction of Aliyun is a part of Saudi Arabia’s “2030 Vision Framework” published in 2016. This framework aims to reduce the country’s dependence on oil through economic diversification.

Prior to this, Saudi Arabia also signed an agreement with Google Cloud for the provision of new data center regional and cloud services.