How To Boost Internet Speed On Windows PC?

Are you fed up with slow Internet, here comes the new stratagem to increase the Internet speed.

Slow Internet becomes a catastrophe in all fields. In most cases when the Internet speed goes down the first thing we all do is restarting our device or router, if this method fails we blaim the internet service provider (ISP), and  we change our ISP  to another for better connection.

To improve your Internet speed in windows using command prompt here are some tips.

At first we need to dissect the device default gateway address and dissect the connection speed of that IP address. By typing ipconfig/all command in the command prompt we will get the gateway address. After this we need to ping the connection by entering the command ping –t . From the acknowledgement we can get our device internet speed.

If you are using a Wifi connection you may delight a high speed connection due to the supremacy of the signal from Wifi. But in the case of LAN , you cant feel the difference.

“ipconfig/release” this command  releases the entrapped IP address and “ipconfig/renew”  this helps to regenerate your IP address and solve the snag with concerns  to your IP address. The first step to boost the internet speed  is finished and next is to clear the DNS cache.

When you are browsing on internet , your computer saves the websites you used and also their IP address in the DNS resolver cache.  After few weeks these datas becomes outdated. To create current  entries in the DNS resolver cache we must empty out the DNS resolver cache , it means we egest the outdated data. Thus we will perceive a quick loading of websites. The last step is to interface TCP command using netsh.

Here we enter two different types of command in cmd prompt to improve your internet speed. netsh interface tcp show heuristics and netsh interface tcp set heuristics disabled are the two commands.

After executing these two commands in cmd prompt you can scrutinize your default gateway speed and also the variations in internet speed .

These are the 3 main tricks to boost your internet speed by using simple commands.