ANOM, The Conversing App Used By FBI To Trace Criminals

The world’s most enlightened criminals are caught in a massive operation developed by FBI and Australian cops. This was achieved due to mastery who always keep track of the criminals using ANOM app.

Over 800 criminals have been arrested worldwide using an FBI-run encrypted messaging app.

As per the statements, this operation started in 2018 when the Australian cops and FBI met. Here onwards both groups performs the operation together using ANOM messaging platform. Now a days this app was sought after among the criminals in world wide. They are using the illegitimate business to acquire the device which arrives with the app.

FBI was tracing all the details that came through the ANOM app without obscuring the criminals. Due to innumerable strands the app become more famous in the criminal sphere. They are due to foe encoded networks by law enforcement authorities. It also due to  Australian criminal underworld, Hakan Ayik, who is the country’s most craved criminals, applaud the device to his comrades and uplifted its uses. Because of this almost in 100 countries beyond 12,000 concealed devices are used by 300 criminal coterie.

“It has a good reputation among criminals. They mutually promote it as the platform you should use for its absolute reliability,” said Jannine van den Berg, chief commissioner of the national unit of the Dutch police. “But nothing was further from the truth.”

This is not the first time that officials have shattered the encryption to put an end to the criminal activities. It is due to the help of these organistions which bestow these messaging apps to stop such illegal activities.

“FBI has even been requesting Apple to create a these messaging apps backdoor in its system for several years now to help them collect evidence against these criminals but to no avail.”